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The Feast of Tabernacles invites JOY: A Fruit! A Feast! A Commandment?!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Feast of Tabernacles 5782

Happy Birthday Week Yeshua-Jesus!~

Happy Feast of Tabernacles-Sukkot!~

And the Word became flesh and lived- tabernacled- among us, and we saw His Glory, Glory in the same manner as the only child of the Father, full of Grace and Truth.” John 1:14 (see also Leviticus 23:24 and Zechariah 14:16)

Beginning on the evening of the 20th of September 2021 or the 15th of Tishrei 5782- which some have calculated by scripture to be Yeshua-Jesus’s actual birthday, the Feast of Tabernacles comes with a command for us to spend 7 Days in the Joy of His Presence. We do this by remembering His desire to dwell in His own Holy Tabernacle amidst the Israelites in the wilderness. And we do this by anticipating/expecting/seeking His Glory as It Is felt on the Earth, in our lives, and in our tents- our sukkahs, spending time sitting under His weighty, tangible presence, here and now, this week. As Zechariah 14 prophesies, this is the festival that all nations will travel to attend in the latter reign. Yeshua-na-Hosanna! HalleluYah, Lord! (A more comprehensive (47-minute) explanation of the timeline of Yeshua-Jesus’ birth along with great graphics is covered in the presentation by Dr. Robert Heidler speaking at the One New Man Conference hosted by Sid Roth in 2007 here.)

By agreeing to meet with God at His appointed times, starting at Passover this year, I have learned some of the most beautiful metaphors about the Way He knows and cares for all of us, for His children and His Creation. Please remember the Lord told me that, in my heart, I could invite a select group along for this journey who would all be the recipients of the blessings for which I have prayed and thanked the Lord. He said I could celebrate for all, even as many may have been unable to do so, and that He would count it as though all did indeed meet with Him in this special Way.

Here are some highlights to keep in mind for this month: 1) this is a month of double fruitfulness; and we are to make declarations, speak about blessings, and expect them; 2) this is a month of God’s fullness overflowing through us; 3) this is a month of new beginnings and new intensity; 4) this is a month of reflecting His Light in new ways in our lives; 5) this is a month of focusing on our Source River and committing to sensing and flowing with Him; 6) this is a month of returning to the Lord the things that have been scattered so He can assemble and strengthen them; 7) this is a month of God weighing and releasing His judgments, plans, and strategies for His people; 8) this is a month of “touching the hem of His garment” and feeling Him release His virtue; 9) this is a month of removing anything that impedes our awakening to and acknowledging His Omni-Presence; 10) this is a month of purging bitterness toward self, others, and God (Passover was the time to notice the bitterness; now, we purge it.); 11) this is a month of balance and self-discipline as some things end and some begin; and 12) this is the month of the double blessing found in the archetype of the one new man in the form of Ephraim and Manasseh- of Egyptian and Hebrew lineage. (Interestingly enough, these highlights are gleaned from an article by Ron Sawka and his notes from a teaching by Pastor Chuck Pierce of GZI. Here’s the short article.

On Sunday, I inquired of the Lord what His focus would be for me for this week. I heard, “Joy,” in my spirit. Like many of the Feast days this year, I heard that message from the Lord calling me to the appropriate kind of posture and prayer and praise toward Him... prior to even thinking about the actual Hebrew calendar day or season I was entering. In researching this feast today, I was so tickled and grateful to find the command to REJOICE!

It is interesting to note that though this is the beginning of a calendar year, Tishrei is the seventh month of God’s Feast calendar which begins at Passover in the spring. It also noteworthy that there are many “first fruits” throughout the year: for example, the first of the month can be considered a time of first fruits of tithes and offerings, seeds, prophetic words, prayers, and more. This month of Tishrei is a type of first fruits of the next 12-months. And, our time of fellowship with Him for Sukkot is a way for us to give Him the first fruits of our praise and worship and thanksgiving for all that He is commanding for us this coming year.

I HIGHLY recommend watching this interview with Dr. Robert Heidler conducted by Sid Roth on his show “It’s Supernatural” which airs on his 24/7 network where you can find archives. It’s just about 25 minutes; and it’s a great introduction to the study of God’s Feast days. And, here is a helpful article outlining an overview of the Feast days by Robert Heidler as well.

All of these feasts are indeed rituals; and God ordained them. However, they are meant to be seen as a method of stirring up our own souls in expectation of an encounter with His Glory. By observing the practices and prayers in the unique way we are led by Holy Spirit, we are invited to stand in awe of the vastness and intricacies and dimensions of His Love and Perfection. What a gift! You Are All in All, Lord!

Double Fruitfulness to you and all to whom It Is due!~ For He Is a Faithful King! Thank You, Lord. AMEN!

Shalom and Love to you and yours!~

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