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Thank you
for Growing with us!

Beloved, we pray in all things

you prosper and be in health

even as your soul prospers!

(adapted from 3 John 1:2)

If you have a minister's heart, there's a chance that you've been loving your neighbor at least a little bit better than you've been  loving yourself. If that's the case, this page is for you. we're doing our best to research teachings, tips, tutorials, testimonials, and tools, and transform them into tidbits that can save you time and effort in all you endeavor to do to help others take their next steps toward triumph! Check here often for new Self Care Segments, Bible Study Bites, Ready Resources, and Low-and-no-cost Links to events, classes and seminars offered by our ministry partners and other experts.  We welcome your requests and suggestions!

Self-Care Segment
Self-Care Segment

Lord, we declare that whether we are eating or drinking or whatever we are doing, we will be living to do all things to Your Glory, O God.

(adapted from 1 Corinthians 10:31)

Dr. Cindy Trimm is a well-known minister, speaker, and author of the 40-Day Soul Fast. She is an empowerment specialist and has a great body of media presentations on her website, YouTube, and other platforms. Her series "The Leader's Logic" may be a fabulous feast for your ears to stream on your device while you're making a feast for your family!

Image by Aaron Burden
Bible Study Bites
Bible Study Bites

And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

(adapted from Matthew 11:12)

Did you know that Matthew 11:12 is an invitation to press into the Kingdom of Heaven from a place of Shalom- that is, the stillness, completeness, peacefulness, abundance, and atmosphere of Heaven within our innermost beings, in order to lay claim to Kingdom territory to call our own? The Greek "biastes" - translated as "violent" - refers to someone who strives to obtain the privileges of the Kingdom with the utmost eagerness and effort. The only Way to do that, and to take back territory from the enemy "by force", is to "crowd out" anything contrary to Holy Spirit... with Shalom. We are to rule and reign over the Earth from a place of His Rest, seated with Him in Heavenly places, on the Throne of Grace. Equally from our positions in the royal priesthood of the Earth we are to rule and reign from a place of His Rest in the prayers, praises, and acts of LovingKindness commanded by our Lord God Almighty Heavenly Father. And from the storm, the bed of affliction, the battle, the lion's den, the fire, the wilderness, the grave, we are to rule and reign in the trust and delight of remembering: 1) there are Joys and Victories set before us; 2) that everything is being orchestrated for our Good, because we Love God and are called according to His purpose; 3) that all the desires of our hearts are being delivered, because we hope and believe in Him; 4) and every circumstance has been won by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of His Testimony: We can find the scripture that fits our opportunity here; then taking that prescription- personalizing, pondering, and speaking it- is a great way to start to remedy anything! How do we know? Psalm 107:20 reads, "He sent His Word and healed them, and He delivered them from their demons of destruction."

Image by Kyle Glenn
Events, Classes, Webinars
Events, classes, webinars

Lord, we know that the beginning of Wisdom is the commitment to acquire Wisdom. Therefore, among all our acquisitions of riches and other possessions, we procure understanding as well.

(adapted from Proverbs 4:7) is a phenomenal site with a great heart. If you have yet to experience the free gift of having a score mentor, we encourage you to check out their offerings. While Perpetua Ministries specializes in offering support to ministers looking to pray and walk through project launches or shifts, Score has thousands of volunteers in almost every field and background, ready to help you with whatever knowledge you need to acquire right now. They offer low-cost and free Classes online and have a collection of how-to videos on their site as well, like this one- "How Can I Download Free Personalized Marketing Materials?" We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave us feedback on your favorites!

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